The system we are proposing you is that of providing your business house with
a separate equipment, which shall supply your business with enough autonomy
in order to be able to offer your customers the packing of any type of Aerosol
they need ON THE SPOT. You will be capable of filling synthetic, acrylic enamels,
lacquers, chloro-rubbers, polyurethanes, with of without catalyst, and in general
any kind of products into the solvent.
The AEROSOL / FILLER, which are supplied are already duly formulated so as to
incorporate the type of enamel required. IT SHALL ONLY TAKE 1 MINUTE TO YOU,

Instructions for use: With the compressor on and charged at 8 bar, connect the machine.
Paint Fill the bowl.
Joining the bowl and fill paint spray, and positioning both together in the filling machine.
Press the button and leave maintained until the piston lowered. Once down, release the button.
Remove the bowl and spray (and filling) to proceed to clean the bowl.
If you were to continue with the same color, continue to proceed filling. Otherwise, clean the piston and start filling.

Type of packaging: Spray 16 oz.

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